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White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange

white elephant [n., dated 15th century.]

1 : an Indian elephant of a pale color that is sometimes venerated in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar
2 a : a property requiring much care and expense and yielding little profit b : an object no longer of value to its owner but of value to others
c : something of little or no value

White Elephant Gift Exchange our style [n., dated c. 2000]


Step 1

Each person coming to the party needs to obtain, acquire, pick up, dig out, or scrounge up two gifts. The first gift needs to fit definition 2b, or c above. The second gift can be anything valued between US$5 and $10 (or whatever amounts you want to set) - but it may still fit the description of 2a, or b above.

Step 2

Gift-wrap the gifts separately. On a small piece of paper or gift card (one for each gift), write down a tantalizing description of the gift without "giving it away". Fold the description and attach it to the wrapped gift.


"A versatile and highly flexible organizational device essential to modern civilization, also deployed by men of war in many famous battles at home and abroad."

The object? A rubber band.

Step 3

The host/leader/organizer prepares some slips of paper each with a number. There should be as many numbers as there're people for the game.

Note: don't put the numbers on the gifts.

The Gift Exchange

Step 1

Put all the gifts in a pile up in front and each person draws a number.

Step 2

The person with number 1 choses a gift, read the description and opens it. (No shaking or pre-reading of unopened gift is allowed in the process of choosing.)

Step 3

The subsequent people take turns picking out an unopened gift to open OR "steal" one that has been opened. (So don't get too attached to any one gift! Isn't that a good lesson on life?!)

But: each gift can only change hands 3 times.

Step 4

Once everyone has gone around once, the second round starts - since each person brought 2 gifts. But how the sequence of the second round can either go in reverse so that those who were last are now first. Hmm... that's almost biblical!

Enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas! Let me know how it goes or share any new ideas & twists you have!

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