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NASB / KJV has Strong's numbers

Bible Study Terms

When you get into studying the Bible more in depth, you may run into some terms. Here is a brief explanation of them.

  • Strong's Number - a number assigned to a Hebrew or Greek word which enables us to refer to or look it up without even knowing how to spell it. Since the same word in the original language could be translated many different ways, it helps us to get a feel of the flavors of the word.

    Here are some examples.

    • Fellowship The word 'fellowship' in Philippians 1:5 is "koinonia" in the original Greek. Its Strong's number is 2842. It was used 46 times in the New Testament, in which it is translated in the King James Bible as 'fellowship' 12 times, 'communion' 4 times, 'communication' 1 time, 'distribution' 1 time, 'contribution' 1 time, and 'to communicate' 1 time.1 In fact it is interesting to do a 'word study' on it. You'll get new understanding of what biblical 'fellowship' is.
    • Create The word 'create' in Gen 1:1 in Hebrew is "bara'". Its Strong's number is 01254. It was used 46 times in the Old Testament, in which it is translated as 'create' 42 times, 'creator' 3 times, 'choose' 2 times, 'make' 2 times, 'cut down' 2 times, 'dispatch' 1 time, 'done' 1 time, and 'make fat' 1 time.2

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